About us

GSG Graphics Sytems Germany GmbH

As the company name already tells, we trade and procure graphic art systems from Germany to the world.


After living for 20 years in Latinamerica and professional education in Germany, Frank Brehm, today manager of GSG Graphics Systems Germany GmbH, has worked successfully in sales of graphic art systems since 1992. In this period of time many personal and trustful relations to printers, dealers and manufactorers have been built up, with the goal to always find the right solutions for customers.


GSG Graphics Systems Germany GmbH, itself being lean and cost-conscious, has the goal to shorten the trade chain. Some times you wonder how many dealers are involved until a machine reaches its new destination. Every party involved means additional costs and interface for information and responsibility. Could it be managed to shorten the trade chain, both ends will gain most. But totally without third parties it often won´t work. So is always favourable if the dismantelling and installation of graphic art systems would be done by qualified personel. For this we work together with experienced and qualified partners worldwide.


Specially at bigger objects we take the broker position. If requested, we take over the reliable coordination of single project steps, like for e. g. contracting, payment, dismantelling and loading of machines or export processing always according to our principle that “we are not happy until our customer is happy”.


Please place also you confidence in us; you won´t regret it.